Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Xedh / Imbernon - "Turku"

Xedh / Imbernon - "Turku"

5€ g.e. incl. EU/ppd EU
6€ ppd Rest Of World
pedidos a/mailorders to: fornoisessake@yahoo.com
se acepta paypal/paypal payment acepted.

escucha "cave" y "raskas tuomio" aqui:
for Noise's sake blog

Miguel A. Garcia (xedh) y Jon Imbernon (ex-guitarrista de grupos como fallen, ximel o le noise y actualmente en ura) cruzaron sus caminos en los años 2006/2007 dando fruto a varias improvisaciones, un par de temas (nunca acabados) y varias actuaciones en directo, entre ellas una en la sala bilborock de bilbao en diciembre del 2006 dentro del festival MEM junto al japones Merzbow, y Sons of Bronson entre otros.

el pasado verano del 2009 se vuelven a juntar desechando parcialmente el material y las intenciones de hace 3 años, con la pretension de ahondar mas profundamente en las posibidades a explorar en una "conversacion" entre un intrumento como la guitarra electrica y la electronica.

electro-acustica, noise, ambient, drone-metal,... "Turku" es la primera colaboración que se edita de los vascos. Edición limitada de 40 copias numeradas a mano, impresión a color en portadas y disco, en fundas de plástico, empaquetados en fundas de plástico selladas y que es editada por el sello for Noise's sake, un sello de música experimental, con sede en Madrid (España). especialiazado en cualquier tipo de sonidos de ruido/experimental/free/improvisación/no-wave/electrónica en CDR y casetes copiados y hechos a mano y en ediciones limitadas.

Miguel A. Garcia (experimental music basque artist know also as xedh, or valvula antiretorno) and Jon Imbernon (ex-guitarrist of bands like ximel, fallen or le noise and still in ura) crossed their ways in 2006/2007 for first time, playing some impros togheter, composing 2 tracks (not finished yet) and a few live perfomances like one in december of 2006 as part of MEM festival at bilborock venue (bilbao) with Merzbow, and Sons of Bronson.

Now, after 3 years they join again leaving behind partly the old intentions and material and with the pretention of to practice and explore more deeply the posibities of a "conversation" between electric guitar and electronics.

electro-acustic, noise, ambient, drone-metal,... Turku is the first collaboration edited of both musicians, Limited edition of 40 hand numbered copies, color printing on covers and disc, housed in plastic sleeves, packed in sealed plastic bags release by for Noise's sake, an experimental music label based in Madrid (Spain), specialized in any kind of noise/experimental/free/improv/no-wave/electronica sounds on handmade and limited CDRs and cassettes..

Xedh / Imbernon

"Turku" album out now in for Noise's sake: http://fornoisesssake.blogspot.com

Friday, August 27, 2010

RAMESSES en Zarautz!!

(Gran Bretaña, genial sludge doom con ex-miembros de la formación original de Electric Wizard)


(Pasaia, doom-punk con miembros de grupos como TRIGGER TRAVIS, FREAKNATION,..)

sabado 11 de septiembre 21:30, gaztetxe de zarautz.

Desde Dorset llega esta genial banda de sludge doom con 2/3 de la formación original de Electric Wizard que creó clásicos del stoner-doom como 'Dopethrone' o 'Come My Fanatics'. No te esperes una fotocopia de los Wizard, el sonido de Ramesses es propio e instrasferible: oscuro, lisérgico y extremo, plagado de riffs serpenteantes y ritmos obsesivos en la onda de Unearthly Trance, Winter, Volition, Godflesh...



Han dicho de RAMESSES:

“Misanthropic Alchemy es toda una muestra de que uno puede volver a inspirarse en los viejos clásicos para crear algo mágico e hipnótico aún a día de hoy”
Reacciones Negativas

“Ramesses inject their dense, weighty doom with a level of mantra like malice that borders on the autistic”
Metal Hammer

“Where was this tsunami of a band from? Who was this? Did I know them already? I’m sure they’re called Ramesses on the sleeve... wasn’t there a band called Ramesses in the ‘70s on Vertigo? What the fuck is going on?”
Julian Cope at Head Heritage (talking about The Tomb, Head Heritage’s album of the month - February 2006)

“Ramesses are currently one of the most important bands in UK metal”
Rock Sound

“This is bleak sludgy doom at its most hostile; a drawn-out, torturous swamp of lobotomised Sabbath riffs and tonsil-gratin howls. You could really ruin a good party with this”

“To describe Ramesses’ sound simply as ‘doom’ is to do it a huge disservice; it’s a diseased, leprous, decaying, festering slime of rotting putrid malevolence... it’s a soundtrack to a vision of Hell in necrocolours!” Zero Tolerance

”The world should be scared” Terrorizer Magazine

Discografía hasta la fecha:
Promo 2003 (Demo Tape , 2003)
Ramesses (7” Single, 2004)
Negative Reaction/Ramesses (Split, 2004)
We Will Lead You To Glorious Times (Ep, 2005)
The Tomb (Demo 2005)
Misanthropic Alchemy (Cd/Lp, 2007)
Unearthly Trance/Ramesses (Split, 2009)
Baptism Of The Walking Dead (Ep, 2009)
Take The Curse (Cd/Lp, 2010)


Saturday, July 31, 2010

EAGLE TWIN + POMBAGIRA: Spanish, French and Portugese dates.

(U.S. Southern Lord)


(U.K. Black Axis records/Mordgrimm records)

after their blasting performances supporting SUNN O))) in their european tour last winter now EAGLE TWIN come back to europe leading their own tour supported by the English band POMBAGIRA, these are some of their dates in france and their full spanish and potugese period.

viernes 29 oct. L'inventaire, le Mans, France + ACTION BEAT
sabado 30 oct. Cod'bar, Poitiers, France
domingo 31 de oct. Edaska, Barakaldo, Bizkaia
lunes 1 de nov. Casa de Atochas, Coruña
martes 2 de nov. Porto-Rio, Porto
miercoles 3 de nov. Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid + LAZHARUS
jueves 4 de nov. Moog rock n' roll club, Barcelona

(U.S. Southern lord)

Behold the debut album from Eagle Twin. Although Eagle Twin is a very new entity its helmsman: Gentry Densley is no stranger to innovative, heavy music. Densley was the musical visionary and leader of the legendary Jazz, Prog, Rock, Metal, Hardcore group Iceburn from 1991-2001.

Iceburn has been called the greatest and most important musical offering from Salt Lake City since the Osmonds! Gentrys' playing has been very influential to alot of successful modern music groups such as: Isis, Pelican, Sunn 0))) etc..

In order to disseminate his majestic and mountainous riffs in the present day he enlisted massively behemoth skinsman Tyler Smith. The drums are not only a driving force that efficiently steam rolls over you they conjure a repetitious mantra that is eerily infectious.
Although Iceburn was primarily a instrumental force with Eagle Twin Gentry is much more vocal and the depth of his lyrics is endless. His vocal evocations bring to mind the hoarse rasp of Tom Waits and Howlin Wolf but possibly channeled through Tuvan throat singers! His voice, is used much like an instrument and often times creates a unique drone of its own. The riffs and music definitely have familiar reference points (Caspar Brotzmann Massaker,Earth, Sunn 0))), Melvins etc..) but are crafted in a way that stands miles beyond the others.

"The Unkindness of Crows" was recorded to tape in Seattle by Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn 0))), Kinski, Ascend).

(U.K. black axis records/mordgrimm records)

Formed at the crossroads between 2006 and 2007. The programme of intent is based on a strong acknowledgement to the forces associated with the downtrodden.

The name PombaGira comes from the Afro-Brazilian religion of Quimbanda. Within the confines of this religion for those socially marginalised, PombaGira's attributes are strength and protection. She is the wife/consort of Exu, a trickster spirit that has in the past been mistaken for the devil. She is the protectress of the downfallen, prostitutes and the weak. She commands obediance and is considered to have a fiery constitution. Because she 'serves with both hands', an adage describing her flexible approach to how she treats humans, she is to be feared and revered. If you treat her with respect she will potentially grant you what you wish, however, if the compact is made and then broken she will unleash a surge of destruction that will leave no-thing standing. It is this kaleidoscope of hidden depth and potential within the expression of the life world, here enfleshed, that is made manifest through the medium of sound. It is this thin veneer between the hidden and the seen, the fixity of a reality and the possibility for exploration into the sphere of the invisible that defines the inspiration for the band.

The Crooked Path is the course upon which we tread, to the faint-hearted it is a journey that one should not take.
First LP is now out, it is available through this site and is also available through Shellshock distribution the same can be said for Black Axis Abraxas. Equipment we use those who may be interested: 2x 1973 Sunn Model T 150 watt/ Sunn Model T 1976 150 watt/ sunn 2000s 120 watt/1975 Orange 120 OR/Laney Klipp 100 watt 1975/ 1975 Selmer SV 100 watt treble and bass amp/1970s Simms-Watts 100 watt/ 1972 Impact by Status 120 watt/ 1973 Sound City 200 watt modified amp. Speakers: Simms-Watts 4x12/two Marshall 1985 JMC800 4x12/Marshall 1968 guitar 8X10/ Marshall 8x10 bass cab/ Ampeg 1975 V9 9x10 /Ampeg 8x8/Marshall bluesbreaker TV 1967 4X12 battered but working fine/ 4x12 sunn/ 4x12 hi-watt/ two 1x18 impact cabs/ Simms-watts 1x18/ 4x12 vintage cab make unknown but similar in size to the bluesbreaker/Marshall 4x12 (modern)/2 x 4x12 Ibanez cabs (modern).


Friday, July 23, 2010



Kotka, stoner sludge-metal



Kokkola, metal

Perjantai 10. Syyskuu, West Coast, Kokkola

finnish info soon.

english info:

DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE_ blasting and lisergic sludge stoner doom metal in the vein of bands like Iron Monkey, Eyehategod, Electric Wizard hailing from kotka, with menbers from TOTAL DEVASTATION, a 10 years career death metal band from kotka that proves why DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE are not beginners at all and that this is a serious project with a enormous potential future already althought is a recent formation with 2 ep´s out, just necesary to listen killer and adictive tracks like "we follow no light" to see how they fucking rule!. their first release an ep with no tittle had really good reviews and recenlty they have released a new mcd titled "kneel".

Interview in Finnish

MESETIAH_ Formed in early 2008, the are a death metal band from Kokkola, Finland. Influenced mostly by the 90`s metal scene by bands like Pantera, Machine Head, Sepultura and Six Feet Under among many, Mesetiah combines brutal riffs, catchy hooks and an aggressive sound. Participating and winning a local band contest in ´09, Mesetiah got the opportunity to play on the big stage at the Kokkola Rock Festival. Shortly after, Mesetiah signed a record deal with 3rd Track Productions, and released their debut album "The Purpose Of Our Existence" at the end of 2009.


Thursday, July 22, 2010



90's post noise hc metal in the vein of melvins, unsane, helmet, breach,..



sludge metal in the vein of entombed, electric wizard, godflesh,..



raw death metal and grind-core in the vein of entombed, napalm death,..

lauantai 25. syyskuuta, english pub, kokkola

all info and audio:

finnish info soon.

english info:

THROAT_ with some active menbers from turku underground scene (playing in the ultra-doom band STUMM, running the label and distro KAOS KONTROL) they are not begginers at all althought they just have one blasting demo tape out, here one of the tracks live that reveals that the band have a really promising future, several projects of new editions are on works.


HEBOSAGIL_ young band from Oulu but with a really powerfull sound, they have with 2 cd's out (one mcd and a album) plus some split. their sound is deep and dark with heavy driving riffs as they show in killer tracks like "cosmic" or "big sun".


TOTAL VOMIT EXPERIENCE_ band from kokkola formed by experienced musicians of the kokkola music scene, that in this current project they show their taste for fast and extreme sounds like the rawest grindcore and death metal.

Monday, June 28, 2010

ACTION BEAT: nuevo disco y fechas en la peninsula en noviembre.


U.K., Southern records.


Action Beat vuelven a la peninsula de gira!. la "orquesta" mas ruidosa de noise-rock y no wave vendran el proximo mes de noviembre, esta vez con nuevo disco, titulado "beatings", en Southern Records de nuevo, el cual sera presentado en Bletchley, su ciudad natal, en un concierto con un monton de baterias invitados que dara comienzo a esta gira su enesima gira Europea.
interesados en montarles algun concierto en las fechas todavia disponibles por la peninsula podeis poneros en contacto aqui.

he aqui su bio y algunos videos de su estruendoso y energetico directo:

Action Beat son una banda de noise-no wave/punk de Bletchley (Milton Keynes) con influencias de los primeros Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca, The Ex y los japoneses Boredoms y con grandes dosis de improvisación en sus conciertos. En el escenario pueden llegar a ser de 5 a 14 músicos y normalmente son al menos entre 3 y 4 baterías, 3 guitarras, un bajista y una guitarra barítona.

Action Beat fue concebido en el 2004 por James Carney y Don Malean. Al principio eran un dúo de batería y bajo para posteriormente ambos pasar a tocar guitarras y contar con una caja de ritmos durante el periodo 2004-2006 en la que tocaban incansablemente y sus conciertos eran extremadamente ruidosos y caóticos (acababan con el kit de batería por los suelos y ellos semidesnudos). Fue en el 2006-2007cuando reformaron totalmente el concepto de la banda dentro de un periodo de reajustes reclutando numerosos músicos y pasando a ser de 1 a 3 o 4 baterías (dependiendo de la ocasión), un bajista, y una guitarra barítona. En enero del 2007 graban 2 temas semi-improvisados en los estudios Southern. Más tarde graban en el mismo estudio otros 3 temas con arreglos de trompeta, violín y saxofón. Estos 5 temas compusieron su primer disco "1977-2007 - Thirty Years of Hurt, Then Us Cunts Exploded".

Action Beat han dado alrededor de 500 conciertos por el Reino Unido y Europa, habiendo tocado y girado con bandas como Do Make Say Think, Zu ,Dalek, Oxes, Usaisamonster, OvO, entre otros. Su forma de actuar está claramente marcada por el DIY y es por eso una de sus motivaciones es tocar lo máximo posible. Su directo es altamente histriónico y contundente a partes iguales y esto ha hecho que Southern Records (Karate, 90 Day Men,...) haciéndose eco del directo de la banda (3 o 4 baterías sonando a "pleno pulmón") les haya fichado, sacando a finales del 2008 su segundo y flamante álbum "The Noise Band From Bletchley" que vendrián a presentar en su tercera gira estatal en poco mas de un año en mayo del 2009.

Su proxima gira europea sera entre Octubre y Noviembre del 2010 donde presentaran su segundo disco para Southern Records, tercero de su carrera, titulado "Beatings" y que vera la luz en el proximo mes de Octubre.

pronto disponibles archivos de prensa aqui.

Jueves 4 de Noviembre, TBC
Viernes 5 de Nobiembre, Mogambo, Donostia
Sabado 6 de Noviembre, sala Lopez (calle Sixto Celorrio nº2), Zaragoza
Domingo 7 de Noviembre, Don Benito, Badajoz
Lunes 8 de Noviembre, sala Kabuki, Algeciras
Martes 9 de Noviembre, La Galería, Alicante
Miercoles 10 Noviembre, The Rocker Factory, Alhama, Murcia
Jueves 11 de Noviembre, Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid
Viernes 12 de Noviembre, Festival Fusionica, Barcelona
Sabado 13 de Noviembre, Casino, Vidreres, Girona

Videos en directo:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Xedh / Imbernon


el pasado lunes 31 de mayo mikel y yo volvimos a tocar y a grabar... quedamos a ultma hora (casini quedamos) con medios justos pero luego resulto super fructifero e interesante... aqui me encuentro (re)mezclando las grabaciones resultantes: por forma de grabacion y por planteamiento algo muy diferente al material grabado la primera vez el verano pasado, como debe ser!...

y en breve sale a traves del sello madrileño for Noise's sake (algo asi como el load o skin graft estatal http://fornoisesssake.blogspot.com) "Turku", uno de los 2 discos que tenemos ya preparados.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ed Jared en solitario: de lo mejor del pasado Zarata Fest.


su actuacion en solitario de lo mas interesante del primer dia del pasado zarata fest...

guitarrista de 32 años procedente de madrid, seguidor del tratado de harmonia de Arnold Schonberg y que estudio 6 años (no consecutivos) en la prestigiosa escuela de musica creativa de madrid, formacion academica de la que no se siente muy orgulloso y que dejo para buscar su propia creatividad. apasionado de la no-wave, la improvisacion libre y el noise hoy en dia toca, aparte de su proyecto en solitario, con jose del grupo AU en YO RAID y GRBTT, y bandas como los TOY KILLERS (salidos de la misma escena que bandas como MARS o DNA, y que hoy en dia cuentan con Weasel Walter, bateria de FLYING LUTTENBUCHERS entre otros, como colaborador) se lo quiere llevar como guitarrista para girar por los estados unidos.
aqui sus perfiles de my space pero en vivo y en directo fue bastante diferente...

Monday, May 24, 2010

ZARATA FEST 2010 28-29 mayo, bilbao

viernes 28 y sabado 29 de mayo. L'mono, bilbao.

ambos dias:
actuaciones a partir de las 19:00h.
despues de las actuaciones: DJ EC + DJ MAD MAX
entrada: 6€ por dia.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


the genious and dark power trio known as ALUK TODOLO plans to tour in france spain, portugal and switzerland in the next month of may (12-24), they are known for create a unique mix of black metal vibes and dark atmospheres mixed with monolithic kraut rock patterns creating a really cathartic sound...

part black metal ocult fiend (just you can check their my space profile: http://www.myspace.com/aluktodolo) and part kraut rock snaut kraut menace, ALUK TODOLO is a power trio formed in 2004 performs what they call "ocult rock", a methodical exploration of the powers of the musical trance. The band conjures rabid obsessive rhythms and abyssal disharmonic guitars, subliminal spiritualist vibrations and bizarre, magick summonings. ALUK TODOLO reduces psychedelic improvisation to a bare, telluric instrumentation, in which dry, spare percussion grievously mines the scrapes, shrieks and shimmer of mutated guitar and bass.The band’s sound is monolithic and stabbing, hypnotic but unpredictable, minimalist yet teeming: a dangerous, noxious coil of all things black. they have releasing their albums on the north american label public guilt (DALEK, ZU, o HABSYLL among others...). and they have toured in the U.S. supporting in New York the 70's kraut rock myth FAUST, and the band is supported by Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))), KTL), Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch and the infinitive church of the leading hand), Guy Pinhas (The Obssessed)

bio and press kit of the band available for downloading in the press section of gure hitzak website.

- wed. 12 Le Cave12, Geneve, Switzerland
- thurs. 13 Le Dock, Grenoble, France
- fri. 14 Grand Guignol, Lyon, France
- sat. 15 L'embobineuse, Marseille France
- sun. 16 La Fonteta Civic Center, Sant Feliu de Codines, Barcelona, Spain
- mon. 17 Coyote Bar, Alicante, Spain
- tues. 18 La Boite, Madrid, Spain
- wed. 19 Fábrica de Som, Porto, Portugal
- thrus. 20 Insolito, Braga, Portugal
- fri. 21 Savoy Club, Gijon, Spain
- sat. 22 Palma Beach, Bilbao, Spain
- sun. 23 Hold'em Saloon, Burdeaux, France
- mon. 24 Peniche Excelsior, Le Mans, France

website :

Aluk Todolo discography :

2006 : Aluk Todolo 7ep (implied sound - USA)
2007 : Descension (CD on Public Guilt - USA & LP on Riot Season - UK)
2009 : Finsternis (CD on Utech records - USA & LP soon on Public Guilt - USA)

Outfest, Portugal 2008: