Friday, August 5, 2011

WE ARE THE DAMNED September Spain/France dates

(Portugal, Crust, Death N' Roll)
Bastardized Recordings / Ragingplanet

September Spain-France dates
"HOLY BEAST" WATD new album promo video:
"HOLY BEAST" en Spotify:

WE ARE THE DAMNED from lisbon, are a name to add to the list of bands like BLACK BREATH or TRAP THEM or the latest ROTTEN SOUND, bands with a high influence by the sound create in early 90's by ENTOMBED: swedish old school death metal guitar sound, crust-punk, death n' roll,...

WE ARE THE DAMNED are not new in the musical scene, some of their members has been playing or play in bands like TWENTY INCH BURIAL, MORE THAN A THOUSAND or ATENTADO, the other project of half all their members.

WE ARE THE DAMNED's second album "holy beast" came out last april, released by the german label bastardized records (DARKEST HOUR among others), has been a big step forward from their first one, focusing their sound into a raw, blasting and evil crust-death n'roll just comparable to bands like the americans BLACK BREATH.

Devorador Dos Mortos from "HOLY BEAST" (Official Video)
We Are The Damned - Serpent (pt1) live at Metal GDL 2011


Ahora, estan tocando en los festivales mas importantes de su pais junto a bandas como ENTOMBED, VOIVOD, MORBID ANGEL o VENOM entre muchos otros, y despues de haber abierto para CONVERGE en su ultima visita a portugal, se disponen a salir a europa empezando en septiembre con una gira por el estado y francia, he aqui las fechas confirmadas en su primer periplo por la peninsula y el sur de francia:

September Spain/France dates:
12 Sept. Monday - Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid
13 Sept. Tuesday - Incivic Zone, Sant Feliu de Codines, (Barcelona)
14 Sept. Wednesday - Le Petit London, Toulouse
15 Sept. Thursday - La Sala, Sabadell, (Barcelona)
16 Sept. Friday - Distortion Rurale Fest V, Villeneuve, France
17 Sept. Saturday - Sentinel, Erandio, Bizkaia