Wednesday, February 29, 2012


(Helsinki, Indie/Post-HC/Noise-Rock)


(Kokkola, Emo/HC-Metal)

Perjantaina 20.04 West Coast Bar, Kokkola, Finland

FUN is a band from Helsinki, they play a kind of indie/post-hc/noise rock, starting the band in 2001. they have recorded their last 2 albums in chicago, U.S. previous one with the "myth" Steve Albini (the man behind the raw recording of "In Utero" album of NIRVANA, or also albums from P.J. HARVEY or PIXIES). and last one "new 13", which came out in october of 2010, was mastered also there by Bob Weston in Chicago too.

FUN have shared stages with reputated bands like THE JESUS LIZARD, NOMEANSNO, POLVO and DEERHOOF, and they have toured over the U.S. while recording their albums and Europe several times.

Think of a mix of indie attitude and pose but with a more agressive noisy and complex sound, in the way of bands like SHELLAC (Steve Albini's band) THE JESUS LIZARD and others from labels like Touch And Go or Amphetamine Reptile.

From Kokkola, Finland comes metalcore/post-hardcore band THE LEGEND OF ZERNO. Influenced by bands like THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and UNDEROATH, the band was formed in 2008 by the lead vocalist Marko and the drummer Sakke.

In 2009 the band played their first couple of gigs with their own songs. The band was just starting to get it going, when Sakari had to go to the army in 2010. The gigs were still played though mostly with a substitute drummer.

During the year 2011 band had made lots of new songs and tuned up the old ones too, so in the Fall they were finally feeling that they were ready to go into the studio and make their debut EP. Kappa Effect was released 28. October. End of 2011 Valtteri joined as a second guitarist.

New EP out now! Download: