Friday, April 27, 2012

SINK in Denmark and Germany

Sink released their newest album "The Holy Testament" in Last oct. in Svart records Svart Records (Killing Joke, Steve Von Till (Neurosis), Pentagram,..) and now they want to go do some dates in europe to present it live.

11.06. Monday - Kraftwerket, Copenhagen, Denmark
12.06. Tuesday, Willhelmshaven, (Ms Stubnitz), Germany
13.06. Wednesday Zentralcafe / Künstlerhaus (K4), Nürnberg, Germany
14.06. Thursday, AJZ, Bielefeld, Germany
15.06. Friday, Nexus, Braunschweig, Germany
16.06. Saturday, Bandhaus Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany
Videoclip for Justice from "The Holy Testament":

SINK comes from Pori, Finland, and they released during last 2008 one of the most interesting and innovative albums about drone-dark-ambient music experimenting with dark atmospheric drones, minimal electronics and certain black metal vibes. sink are, with other finnish great band like the north sludge myth Fleshpress (those have co-released the album in their own label), one of the most interesting acts coming from scandinavia about dark and experimental sounds.

The Process» album was the perfect soundtrack for a night in the woods during the finnish winter… or just try to imagine the blackest Sunno)) «disarmed» of heavy guitars, jamming with Pan Sonic in these dark woods too…

Their live performances (those normally with many improvisated parts ) are considered a really extremely cathartic and dark experience. they were choosen by the finnish band Callisto for supporting them in the finnish tour for their last album in spring of 2009, and later in june they toured in south europe.

band links:

"Truth" (from Truth/Severance ep) video teaser:
"Truth" (from Truth/Severance ep) videoclip:

band pics of one of their performances: