Thursday, March 14, 2013


COUGH, the mighty sludge-doom band from Richmond (Virginia), is going to tour around Europe this next april and to appear in some festivals like Roadburn and Heavy Days in Downtown. between the end of their "official" tour and the weekend of Heavy Days in Downtown festival the band will do play some extra tours dates with the italian sludge metal band GRIME.
also GRIME will tour alone in their way to pick COUGH up and in their way back to italy after the tour.

the bands doesn't need introduction: COUGH released one of the best sludge and doom albums of the last years with their second full lenght entitled "ritual abuse". and GRIME released some months ago one of the best sludge metal albums in Europe (and wordwide) of the last years too maybe.

These are dates of both bands togheter and separated:
06.04. Prague, Czech Republic. Klub Final

25.04. Lo-Fi, Milan, Italy
26.04. Turbomongol, Lausanne, Switzerland
27.04. AJZ, Bielefeld, Germany
28.04. TBC

29.04. Péniche Inside Out, Liege, Blegium
30.04. Halle 14, Karlsruhe, Germany
01.05. Plaque, Lipzieg, Germany
02.05. Cottbus, Dresden, Germany
03.05. Rote Flora, Hamburg, Germany

05.05. Liebig 19 Jugendclub, Berlin, Germany
06.05. Klub Final, Prague, Czech Republic
07.05. Venster 99, Vienna, Austria


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

STAER + REHAB Suomessa

(Nor. / Noise, Sludge, Avant Garde)
(Nor. / Impro, Electronics)
Thursday 18.04. @ Vastavirta, Tampere
Friday 19.04.  @ Ykän Pub, Oulu
Saturday 20.04. @ Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki

Staer_After MoHa! and Ultralyd splitting and the low activitity of Noxagt, for the ones whose follow with attention the bands coming from this Norwegian town, Stavanger, defintly it was created a big emptyness around this, so creative and risky in musical terms, musical scene.
But no, it seems that theres a band which will keep on creating good music in the same vein, spirit and good taste as usually, and they are Staer. following the steps of the heaviest Noxagt (when Anders Hana MoHa!/Ultralyd was in the band) which several releases and european tours behind.

Staer played their first gig (with Noxagt) in 2010 in their hometown. they have recorded 2 albums with Jørgen Træen (Ultralyd, Jazkamer etc.) and release their debut in Gaffer records (MoHa!, Les Aus,Horacio Pollard, Offonoff etc....) from France and Discorporate Records (DŸSE, Don Vito etc.) from Germany. Staer have shared stage with artists such as Child Abuse (on a whole 6 weeks European tour), MoHa!, ZU etc. they also have a split 12" with Kjetil Møster (ex-Ultralyd, The Core etc.) in the label of Kjetil D. Brandsdal (Noxagt) Drid Machine Records and they have performed in festivals such as MaiJazz, by:Larm, Novafest etc.



Rehab_John Hegre and Bjørnar Habbestad are long time collaborators in live-situations around different projects from the N-Collective. Rehab is their preferred vehicle for brutalist noise impro. In live situations they work with a traditional physical approach to noise performance, but in the studio they transform the energy of the moment into layers of rebuilt and recomposed materials. Rehab has put together a rare sound holding subtleties inspired by electro-acoustic music as well as real time musicianship.
John Hegre is half of Jazkamer and the latest addition to Noxagt. His guitar and sound work is heard on numerous releases both solo and in collaboration with Maja Ratkje, Lasse Marhaug, Der Brief, Kaptein Kaliber and others.
Bjørnar Habbestad is a third of Phô, a fourth of Lemur and a founding member of the N-Collective. He performs all over Europe as a soloist and in a wide range of ensembles of contemporary and experimental music.




(Ger. Metal Blade, Crust/Post-Metal/Black Metal)
21.4. Vastavirta, Tampere + AGASIA
22.4. Lepakkomies bar, Helsinki + THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE
23.4. Pub Port Arthur, Turku + THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE + AGASIA

so the german dark crust metal DOWNFALL OF GAIA will cross Finland on 3 gigs in their european tour next april.

DOWNFALL OF GAIA rised from the german crust diy scene in 2008, they have toured europe several times and developed a personal and unique sound based in their dark crust metal evolved to a kind of landscapy post crust metal with black metal influences. something that is reflected in their last full lenght, released by METAL BLADE last year, named "Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes". here u can listen them: ,

 The Swarm Of CranesDominik Goncalves dos Reis - vocals/guitars
Peter Wolff - vocals/guitars
Anton Lisovoj - vocals/bass
Johannes Stoltenburg - drums

Dark, ominous, yet not completely hopeless, Downfall Of Gaia's music is as uplifting as it is overwhelming. The aural peaks and valleys fill the often lengthy tracks with a rewarding listening experience.

The quartet was founded in the middle of 2008 and, after a few member changes, ended up with their current lineup: Dominik Goncalves dos Reis (guitars + vocals), Peter Wolff (guitars + vocals), Anton Lisovoj (bass + vocals), and Johannes Stoltenburg (drums). The members of Downfall Of Gaia reside in various cities throughout Germany. Their practice space, however, isn't in one of the common German fashion cities like Berlin or Hamburg, but in Hannover, a city many people connect to the Scorpions. Not to a sound that is reminiscent of an avalanche of black earth, boulders, and mud.

Downfall Of Gaia have developed their current sound over the course of several years. In their early days of existence, they could easily have been described as a crust band. During this "crustier" period, they released a split in 2008 with French band Kazan. A year later, they released a tour EP, and in 2010 Downfall Of Gaia finally released their debut album "Epos" with the help of a few DIY-labels.

When Downfall Of Gaia is not in the rehearsal room or in the studio, they welcome life on the road and tour whenever and wherever they can. They have not only performed on countless stages in the German speaking countries, but also in countries like Italy, the UK, France, the Netherlands and in several cities in various countries in Eastern Europe. They have even made a trip across the Atlantic to the United States for a small, but intense tour. Downfall Of Gaia's live intensity is unwavering, whether they are performing to ten guests in a club or in front of thousands of people at a festival.

Downfall of Gaia's DIY attitude lead to their next release in 2011: a split-LP with Sweden's In the Hearts Of Emperors on the Alerta Antfascista label. The album was also released by Moment Of Collapse and Shove Records. The release displayed a massive step forward, both musically and lyrically.

Though their origin was very crust-infused, the band has taken a much different approach to more recent material. Fast d-beat influenced songs have given way to longer, slower tunes. Recent material can be described as enormous creations that encroach upon the listener like a towering monolith. Their new sound draws elements from doom, black metal, down tempo, sludge, and even hardcore. The end result is an aesthetic not lacking in majesty or depth.

Downfall Of Gaia's latest efforts have garnered positive reviews from press worldwide:
"Hailing from Germany, these folks really know how to push the limits of a song and drive it in all emotions and musical dynamics!"

"Downfall of Gaia traverse more harrowing emotion than many bands do in their entire discographies. Both intensely atmospheric and relentlessly hard-hitting, the band takes hardcore fundamentals and pushes them to emotional extremes, flickering between fragility and ferocity."

Downfall Of Gaia has just finished recording their newest collection of songs. The concept album, Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes, will be released in the second half of 2012. Their continued growth has raised the bar and expectations are very high for what is sure to be a massive, encumbering album for fans of all things progressive and heavy.
2008 Demo CD
2009 Splittape w/ Kazan
2010 Epos LP
2011 Epos LP RePress
2011 Split LP w/ In The Hearts Of Emperors
2012 Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes


(Sp. Crust-Grind)


Sunday 14th April, Bar Loose, Helsinki, Finland + THE REALITY SHOW
Tuesday 16th, April Varjobaari, Tampere, Finland + RANKKA PÄIVÄ
Wednesday 17th April, Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu, Finland + STOLEN KIDNEYS
Thursday 18th April, Föreningsgatan 7, Luleå, Sweden
Friday 19th April, Kungen, Sandviken, Sweden
Saturday 20th April, A-villan, Stockholm, Sweden +

RAVAGE RITUAL hails from Seinajoki, Finland. the project started from the ashes of a hc/hc-metal band called FURY INDOORS, when this one was disbaned during summer of 2011 some of their members did know perfectly the next steps to follow.... so then the ritual started. Taking influences from raw and heavy crust, bands like COVERGE, TRAGEDY or newer like TRAP THEM or THE SECRET, RAVAGE RITUAL emerges like a really serious and promsing crust/hc and metal based band. firstly they released a great demo (here u can listen and download and more recently a 5 songs cd-r ep, and soon will come their split with TEETHING. listening their compositions you just can admit that the future, in northern europe and about dark and heavy crust sounds,is in their hands...

TEETHING is formed in Madrid, SP, home of the Fallen Angel fountain - created by musicians of known bands in the spanish hardcore and underground metal scenes, in this band they putted togheter some blasting influences of raw crust metal and punk, like from NAPALM DEATH to CURSED. Look out for our splits with Besta and Ravage Ritual in 2013, good stuff.

HEIRS + ASCETIC: en Erandio, Bizkaia

(Aus. post-rock, post-punk, noise-pop)
(Aus. 80's post-punk)
Martes 23 de Abril, Sentinel rock bar, Erandio, Bizkaia

grupo definitivamente a tener en cuenta por su personal sonido, mezcla de cierta querencia post-rock, el legado ruidoso de Sonic Youth y la oscuridad de Sisters Of Mercy o Joy Division.
este es al menos su tercera gira europea y esta primavera editan su tercer disco.

Ascetic:_ grupo que comparte bateria con Heirs y que podria ser el vehiculo en el que dan rienda suelta a su clara devocion por bandas como Sisters Of Mercy o Joy Division.
Dentro de la inmesidad de este fenomeno revival de bandas ochenteras que ya dura bastantes años Ascetic: saldrian bastante a flote dentro de la media al contar con temas tan redondos como "pharmacy" o "religion" contenidos en su disco recientemente editado titulado "self initiation".