Thursday, March 14, 2013


COUGH, the mighty sludge-doom band from Richmond (Virginia), is going to tour around Europe this next april and to appear in some festivals like Roadburn and Heavy Days in Downtown. between the end of their "official" tour and the weekend of Heavy Days in Downtown festival the band will do play some extra tours dates with the italian sludge metal band GRIME.
also GRIME will tour alone in their way to pick COUGH up and in their way back to italy after the tour.

the bands doesn't need introduction: COUGH released one of the best sludge and doom albums of the last years with their second full lenght entitled "ritual abuse". and GRIME released some months ago one of the best sludge metal albums in Europe (and wordwide) of the last years too maybe.

These are dates of both bands togheter and separated:
06.04. Prague, Czech Republic. Klub Final

25.04. Lo-Fi, Milan, Italy
26.04. Turbomongol, Lausanne, Switzerland
27.04. AJZ, Bielefeld, Germany
28.04. TBC

29.04. Péniche Inside Out, Liege, Blegium
30.04. Halle 14, Karlsruhe, Germany
01.05. Plaque, Lipzieg, Germany
02.05. Cottbus, Dresden, Germany
03.05. Rote Flora, Hamburg, Germany

05.05. Liebig 19 Jugendclub, Berlin, Germany
06.05. Klub Final, Prague, Czech Republic
07.05. Venster 99, Vienna, Austria


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