Wednesday, March 13, 2013

STAER + REHAB Suomessa

(Nor. / Noise, Sludge, Avant Garde)
(Nor. / Impro, Electronics)
Thursday 18.04. @ Vastavirta, Tampere
Friday 19.04.  @ Ykän Pub, Oulu
Saturday 20.04. @ Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki

Staer_After MoHa! and Ultralyd splitting and the low activitity of Noxagt, for the ones whose follow with attention the bands coming from this Norwegian town, Stavanger, defintly it was created a big emptyness around this, so creative and risky in musical terms, musical scene.
But no, it seems that theres a band which will keep on creating good music in the same vein, spirit and good taste as usually, and they are Staer. following the steps of the heaviest Noxagt (when Anders Hana MoHa!/Ultralyd was in the band) which several releases and european tours behind.

Staer played their first gig (with Noxagt) in 2010 in their hometown. they have recorded 2 albums with Jørgen Træen (Ultralyd, Jazkamer etc.) and release their debut in Gaffer records (MoHa!, Les Aus,Horacio Pollard, Offonoff etc....) from France and Discorporate Records (DŸSE, Don Vito etc.) from Germany. Staer have shared stage with artists such as Child Abuse (on a whole 6 weeks European tour), MoHa!, ZU etc. they also have a split 12" with Kjetil Møster (ex-Ultralyd, The Core etc.) in the label of Kjetil D. Brandsdal (Noxagt) Drid Machine Records and they have performed in festivals such as MaiJazz, by:Larm, Novafest etc.



Rehab_John Hegre and Bjørnar Habbestad are long time collaborators in live-situations around different projects from the N-Collective. Rehab is their preferred vehicle for brutalist noise impro. In live situations they work with a traditional physical approach to noise performance, but in the studio they transform the energy of the moment into layers of rebuilt and recomposed materials. Rehab has put together a rare sound holding subtleties inspired by electro-acoustic music as well as real time musicianship.
John Hegre is half of Jazkamer and the latest addition to Noxagt. His guitar and sound work is heard on numerous releases both solo and in collaboration with Maja Ratkje, Lasse Marhaug, Der Brief, Kaptein Kaliber and others.
Bjørnar Habbestad is a third of Phô, a fourth of Lemur and a founding member of the N-Collective. He performs all over Europe as a soloist and in a wide range of ensembles of contemporary and experimental music.



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