Wednesday, March 13, 2013


(Sp. Crust-Grind)


Sunday 14th April, Bar Loose, Helsinki, Finland + THE REALITY SHOW
Tuesday 16th, April Varjobaari, Tampere, Finland + RANKKA PÄIVÄ
Wednesday 17th April, Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu, Finland + STOLEN KIDNEYS
Thursday 18th April, Föreningsgatan 7, Luleå, Sweden
Friday 19th April, Kungen, Sandviken, Sweden
Saturday 20th April, A-villan, Stockholm, Sweden +

RAVAGE RITUAL hails from Seinajoki, Finland. the project started from the ashes of a hc/hc-metal band called FURY INDOORS, when this one was disbaned during summer of 2011 some of their members did know perfectly the next steps to follow.... so then the ritual started. Taking influences from raw and heavy crust, bands like COVERGE, TRAGEDY or newer like TRAP THEM or THE SECRET, RAVAGE RITUAL emerges like a really serious and promsing crust/hc and metal based band. firstly they released a great demo (here u can listen and download and more recently a 5 songs cd-r ep, and soon will come their split with TEETHING. listening their compositions you just can admit that the future, in northern europe and about dark and heavy crust sounds,is in their hands...

TEETHING is formed in Madrid, SP, home of the Fallen Angel fountain - created by musicians of known bands in the spanish hardcore and underground metal scenes, in this band they putted togheter some blasting influences of raw crust metal and punk, like from NAPALM DEATH to CURSED. Look out for our splits with Besta and Ravage Ritual in 2013, good stuff.

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