Sunday, September 7, 2014


(Fi. Blackened Hardcore. Sell Your Souls/Swarm Of Nails.)
Ravage Ritual Euro tour October MMXIV
9.10. Lepakkomies, Helsinki, FI 
10.10. Gula Villan, Stockholm, SW 
11.10. Blitz, Oslo, NO 
12.10. Tegelburket, Örebro, SW 
15.10. Potemkin, Bielefield, GE 
17.10. The Rocking Bull Arena, Antwerp, BE 
18.10. Jukuz, Bad Kissingen, GE 
19.10. AK44, Gießen, GE 
21.10. Marat, Munich, GE 
23.10. Koma F, Berlin, GE 
24.10. G18, Bremen, GE 
25.10. Häng Bar, Malmö, SW

Ravage Ritual hails from Seinajoki, the project,as many others in this gender started from the ashes of a primary hc/hc-metal band. when this band was disbaned during summer of 2011 some of their members did know perfectly the next steps to follow.... Taking influences from raw metal hc, black and crust metal, and bands like Converge, Tragedy, The Secret, Integrity or Trap Them the Ravage Ritual emerged… showing already in their first great demo and performances being a furious and promising crust/hc metal band.

Then in 2012 came their magnificent mcd-r “Revival” delivering some more chaotic and dark sounds, it begins with the cathartic “Sakramentti” and ends, with the no less cathartic, “Revival Hymn”. 5 songs of pure aggressive dark hc-metal.

In spring of 2013 Ravage Ritual toured in Sweden and Finland with the Spanish band Teething at the same time that a 12” split of them both was released. the split have had great reviews and their gigs were just epic…

Now the band, after playing gigs all over Finland and their first 3 releases is preparing their first full length which will be entitled "Soul Eater" will take their sound to deeper levels of chaos, this with their abrassive performances will make you admit that the future in northern europe and about dark and heavy hardcore sounds is in their hands...

"Soul Eater" will come out between August and September of 2014 through the german labels Sell Your Souls (Seven Sisters Of Sleep,..) and Swarm Of Nails (Birds In Row, Heksed and Young And In The Way) from France.