Thursday, April 7, 2016


(Can. Sludge-Doom, Totem/S.T.B Records)

(Fin. Bad Road/Swap Meat)

KE. 20.07. @ Gong, Turku 

TO. 21.07. @ Yo Talo, Tampere 
PE. 22.07. July @ Bar Loose, Helsinki

DOPETHRONE_The riff comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s clean, catchy and elegant. Sometimes it’s filthy, grimy and about as elegant as a sledgehammer to the sternum. Dopethrone is the latter. This D.I.Y trio from Hochelaga, Montreal’s trashiest ghetto, wallows in smoke, demons, death, the occult and enough psychotropic drugs to send both Hunter S. Thomspson and William Burroughs on one hell of a trip and plays some of the filthiest, skull crushingest, downright face smashing riffs drenched in distortion and fuzz, encompassing the bleakness of black metal, the steadfastness of New Orleans-style sludge with a heavier-than-thou doom mentality. The riffage is thick, punishing, suffocating and destructive and the demonic vocals are harsh, visceral and animal-like for tunes dripping with sonic THC.
Dopethrone are able to take doom and view it through a crusty lens, and that perspective brings this genre new heights of audio filth.
After a first LP « Demonsmoke »  on STB Records, Dopethrone released on Totem Cat Records "Dark Foil" in 2011 and got invited to Roadburn Festival by Voivod in 2012. A performance that has been followed by the release of their third album « III »  for which the band toured Europe 2 times.
The distortion powered sledgehammer is back in 2015 with a fourth album heavier and trashier !

Demonsmoke, full-length, 2009
Dark Foil, full-length, 2011
III, full-length, 2012
Hochelaga, full-length 2015

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GANGRENED_featuring members from bands like RAVAGE RITUALKAIRON IRSE! LOATH or SUPREME HAVOC and now preparing new releases in a near future after releasing "We Are Nothing" in late 2014 which delivered 3 tunes of the heaviest and filthiest Sludge-Doom. Meanwhile, the band tours Finland again, this time supporting DOPETHRONE after supporting the mighty BONGZILLA last year in Finland.

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